Tuesday, February 11, 2020

How the tiger got his stripes Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

How the tiger got his stripes - Assignment Example It also works towards ensuring that the Federal resources and funds are used in an appropriate manner to deter threats, vulnerability, and terror related attacks. Moreover, it develops sound concepts that are relevant to the private sector and the critical infrastructure, making sure to address the cyber, human, and physical considerations that are paramount in the adoption of rational and comprehensive programs (Scheuer, n.d). On the same note, the DHS works jointly with the critical infrastructure stakeholders from the private sector and leads in coordinating a nationwide effort to reduce risks that are related to the country’s infrastructure. It does this by developing and implementing a sound and effective critical infrastructure oriented protection to ensure full protection. It also leads in risk management in order to protect the critical infrastructure against issues such as terrorism. Therefore, it collaborates with partners from the private sector in guaranteeing that they establish a risk management program and plan that is geared towards the protection of information technology, ensuring the continuity of the business, and guarantees maximum security. Finally, the DHS plays a major role in the protection by investing in the development of solid frameworks to enhance preparedness measures for the private sector partners (Scheuer, n.d, pp.

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